Decadent Cheese Sauce Take 2

by Marina Chotzinoff

The day after we had the lentils with gooey, crispy, frenchified garlic cheese bread, I still had a huge bowl of the gooey cheese sauce left. I packed half of it in a bowl to take to my mom’s so we wouldn’t eat it all, then set off to the store for some ham and butter lettuce. When I got to the deli, there was a sign saying Friday 5 Dollar Ham Event. My special day! It sounded downright festive, but turned out to just be that black forest ham was only $5/lb. I figured that would be as good as anything and got some along with some potent swiss cheese, then picked up a small, tender butterleaf lettuce for a salad.

I then headed home to make a croque monsieur of sorts.

I cut a couple slices of sourdough boule from the night before, spread some cheesy sauce on each piece, then put a couple slices of ham and swiss between the slices and browned each side in a pan. Meanwhile, I had the broiler on, and when the sandwich was melty and browned, I slathered more cheesy sauce on top, added some grated parm and put it until the broiler for a couple minutes.

For the salad, I just made a simple, mustardy vinaigrette, added some sliced radishes and added the requisite french bbq potato chips to complete the dish.


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