Openface Pizza-Style Sandwiches

by Marina Chotzinoff

Even though I work at home, lunches can be challenging for me. It seems like it would be a welcome break, but often I realize I am starving at 2 pm, having sat at my desk for hours in the middle of a project. For a while I had an alarm on my computer that would say, really loudly, GET UP AND MOVE. And I would. I’d fill my water, go empty half the dishwasher, make a nice lunch and so on. It worked really well until my free trial ended and I didn’t bother finding another program. And so here I usually sit, not moving, until I am crazy hungry and usually steer toward something quick, easy and reheated. Though lately I’ve been making smaller portions or things that are not so fabulous left over.

When I am really focused and organized, the fridge and pantry will have nothing but tasty, good for me items and it is easy to through together a filling salad or soup or sandwich. And on this day I lucked out having edamame and spicy black bean spreads, fresh spinach and tomatoes, sprouted wheat bread and cotija. So broiled up a couple open face toasts and it was great.

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