Crèpes: Just Another Vehicle for Clearing out the Fridge

by Marina Chotzinoff

I’ve been steadily working on slimming down the pantry and freezer and as part of that took an inventory of all the tiny, leaking, and often unmarked baggies of flours, grains, seeds and legumes. When I saw the buckwheat flour I knew I would be making crepes so I put it aside and went to investigate the fridge and freezer.

Another thing I am working on as I eat down pantry and freezer is to try to only add better, new versions of these staples. So last week when I was making this organic wild rice blend, I made triple the recipe and froze the leftover grains. I’ve made wild rice crepes a few times before with various results, and my consensus was that mostly they are a great platform for wrapping around and, thus, giving a culinary boost to, random collections of other leftovers.

Back at the fridge I pulled out some leftover chicken from the roasted beet and grilled chicken salad last night, a few remaining pieces of miso roasted delicata squash and potato inspired by this recipe,  some chopped, raw eggplant and then set about attempting to make a version of these crepes. The main dilemma was that this recipe called for plain old AP flour, which (pantry fail) I somehow had none of, and no buckwheat flour at all. And while I can sit for hours reading about kitchen science, I rarely practice it or retain it purposefully. So I threw in what looked like a good mix of buckwheat flour and pastry flour and hoped for the best, letting the mixture sit and thicken a bit at room temperature.

Meanwhile, I browned the eggplant in a little olive oil then added the chopped chicken, potato and squash, a dollop of veggie bouillion and cup of water and simmered until the eggplant and squash thickened it a bit and all the liquid was gone.

I then started making the crepes. The batter seemed way too thin, but I usually throw out the first crepe anyway so I made a test one and it was great. It held together, had a nice chewiness, a nutty, deep flavor and developed a really nice crust while staying moist inside. Again, people, some other words for moist? I’m feeling a little lazy on the thesaurus front, and that word makes me bonkers.

Once all the crepes were done I put one back in the pan and put several pieces of mexican melting cheese (the kind that comes in a huge tied knot – queso asadero?) along one edge, topped with chicken and rolled up allowing to crisp a bit on the outside and melt on the inside.

I made a fresh dressing of dijon, sherry vinegar, toasted walnut oil, s&p and agave to toss with spinach, arugula and lettuce and topped with the leftover beets from the night before. It was a great reincarnation of several nights of leftovers all rolled up in the best version of a whole grain crepe yet.

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    1. Eftychia on said:

      You are so right about this. I usually make pies instead…

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