Lunch for Dinner, or, Salmon BST

by Marina Chotzinoff

My husband has been crazy busy lately which is good for business, but can get tiring for me coming up with dinner every night. Occasionally I end up just pulling together some kind of glop that I know I can be happy with because it’s easy, quick and uses all the little remnants in the fridge. And while Ryan is happy to have a hot meal to dig into at 10pm (or whenever he makes it home) I’m sure the various “veggie gnarl with egg on top” dishes are his least favorite to come home to. Though last week I did hit an all time low when I texted him this: “I apologize in advance for my dinner fail. heating up a stouffers. I suck.”

Fortunately for both of us, Ryan came home a little early (which is 7pm around here) and set to work making dinner out of the random pile I had taken out of the fridge while I got our daughter ready for bed. Salmon, sundried tomatoes, a handful of cherry tomatoes from our garden, some spinach and bacon. I think I was thinking pasta, but hadn’t even gotten that far and on a normal night I wouldn’t even be able to start cooking until at least 8:30. So I was thrilled to know I would just come downstairs to dinner and it would be a good dinner and I would finish it before 10:30.

By the time I came down Ryan had cooked the bacon, made a sundried tomato aioli, toasted some sprouted wheat bread, caramelized some onions, washed the spinach and had the salmon on the grill. And the kitchen was still relatively in order. Had this been me, every surface would have been covered, many knives dirtied and a bit of chaos might linger in the air. But all was in its place. I helped him assemble our sandwiches and we sat down to eat dinner together at a normal hour and they were hot and spicy and fresh and crunchy and fabulous.

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