Twice Baked Sweet Potato

by Marina Chotzinoff

Ever-helpful, my mom just gave me a pile of veggie-centric recipes torn out of various magazines to help in my quest. One of them showed a gorgeous twice baked sweet potato piped in perfect florets. I decided we’d have some version of that, minus the fancy piping because I ended up throwing away the last of our pastry bags recently. Having used them for a good many years, their time was up. Plus I had frozen a big wad of cream cheese frosting in one and I was not up for the cleaning challenge.

I stabbed and microwaved two sweet potatoes for about 6 minutes on each side until they were tender, then mashed them with butter and an odd assortment of random cheeses we had: blue, cotija, cream. Seasoned with salt and pepper, they went somewhat shapelessly back in their skins, dotted with some butter then baked in the oven.

For the rest of the meal, I simply took out the broccoli and mushroom from the night before, cooked some asparagus and added a hearty whap of that fabulous romesco and we were good to go. Filling, quick, healthy. Just the kind of meal I should be pondering this March.


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