An Old Fashioned Arm Workout

by Marina Chotzinoff

One of the many reasons I could never be a true locavore is my intense love of citrus. Especially limes. I know there are people growing bananas and all sorts of other crazy things in Colorado, but my guess is that local limes are not anything we’d see any time soon. And we probably shouldn’t. And so it is that I buy large bags of limes and sometimes lemons at Costco. They are so inexpensive this way and I am able to zest and juice them, then freeze my efforts for what I consider an absolute staple. And for this task, I turn to my dad’s hand-cranked juicer.

Zest adds a whole different kind of perfume to a dish- whether it is cooked in a paste for a sauce or glaze, simmered into a simple syrup for drinks, or just tossed as is with strawberries. I used to use a microplane to zest the limes first, but found that these strilkies freeze better and can be chopped if needed. The zested limes are easier to juice too.

I freeze the juice in baby food ice cube trays and then put them in a ziplock bag. It’s super easy to thaw and even cut in chunks if needed.

I’m sure I could get an attachment for my kitchenaid that might make this process faster, but there is something I really love in the rhythmic spinning and cranking of this tool. Since I am still hauling my toddler about in my left arm, I also consider this exercise a good equalizer.

    One comment on “An Old Fashioned Arm Workout

    1. Andra@FrenchPressMemos on said:

      The KitchenAid attachment sucks. We had a handcrank for a while then got a Breville that has been with us for a good 5 years. It is spectacular.

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