It Sucks When You Give Someone Lobster and They Make You Cook it and Eat It

by Marina Chotzinoff

So, we gave my mom some giant lobster tails and a pile of frozen shallot/mirin/crab love butter to poach them in as a birthday gift. And somehow, tonight, we ended up being invited to her house to cook it….and eat it. Sweet!

We came armed with some frozen clam broth we made a couple weeks ago in a separate seafood orgy, some mushrooms, asparagus, a bacon vinaigrette (separate story to come) and a couple bottles of wine to just say thanks for all the beers she offers us when we stop by to visit.

We got some shallots and mushrooms simmering and I cut the shells and peeled the tails free. We warmed the shallot butter and gently poached the tail medallions while the arborio rice was beat to creamy risotto love with clam broth, water and chicken broth…finished with some parmesan (Italian fish and cheese rules be damned!!!).

I had made a bacon vinaigrette earlier (recipe maybe tomorrow) which topped some quickly cooked asparagus.

Decadent. Lovely. Fatty-pants goodness. I love giving presents.

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