My Artichoke Stew Recipe is a Food52 Finalist!

by Marina Chotzinoff

Not long ago I mentioned I’d become mildly obsessed with the Food52 contests. Not only was it exciting to be chosen as a community pick for my salmon with egg noodles, but the topics have been inspiring and have definitely made me a better cook. The Food52 community is supportive and encouraging and have given me a ton of great ideas. The latest contest, Your Best Dish with Meat as Flavoring was just silly. I entered four dishes and had great hopes for my tomato water chawan mushi. But today, while I was grocery shopping, I got several emails saying Congrats! and when I got home and looked at the site, it turns out the artichoke stew was a finalist. Yay!
I really love this dish and am so excited that I was chosen for the vote….which brings me to the important part….please go vote for me and tell your friends to do the same!

    One comment on “My Artichoke Stew Recipe is a Food52 Finalist!

    1. admin on said:

      Just found out the Bacon Tomato Chawan Mushi was selected as a community pick. Sweet!

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