Nutella-Stuffed Aebleskiver ~ Cooked in Bacon Fat

by Marina Chotzinoff

If it’s the weekend and there’s leftover buttermilk in the fridge then it’s obviously a morning of pancakes or waffles. I was considering sweet vs. savory. Bacon and cheese waffles or my husband’s dad’s buttermilk standby otherwise known as “Gordy Cakes.” But then I remembered the aebleskiver pan hanging neglected amongst the other pots and pans. A Christmas present relic from the days when we had a television and were occasionally exposed to the As Seen On TV! kitchen gadgets. It’s the only one that suckered me into actual purchase, though I was tempted by many. Though it does not get a ton of use, I can say with confidence it’s had its share and always gives me a bit of Christmas morning smiles. And, of course, now that I have a kiddo, it’s extra fun serving them up with mystery stuffings and a good, healthy side of bacon.

I have disappeared the book that came with the pan, but found a recipe on Michael Ruhlman’s site that sounded perfect. Sadly, as I found last night making oil-poached veggies, I had no lemon or zest, but figured they’d be just a tiny bit less good and still worth it. I chose to use a mix of bacon fat and butter to cook them in because that always sounds like a good idea. I also chose to stuff half of them with some apricot, raspberry jam and the other half with nutella. The final heresy was being out of powdered sugar thanks to the cupcake decorating bonanza at my daughter’s birthday party. So I chose to use some baker’s sugar mixed with cinnamon. Not quite the same, but good and the extra little crunch of sugar crystals was an added bonus.

Nutella and Jam Stuffed Aebelskivers

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