Deviled Tea Eggs

by Marina Chotzinoff

Because I seem to thrive on making too many plans involving cooking and cleaning at any one time, I decided to have some friends over for “heavy snacks” and drinks the day before a blow-out French Laundry-inspired New Year’s Eve dinner. Naturally I thought simple, tasty, little effort. And, for me, I think I succeeded. Because I am still finishing details for the afore-mentioned NYE meal, I will just give the basics on a couple dishes from yesterday. It all pulled from my go to dishes, paired wonderfully and made for a really fine evening.

First up were the deviled tea eggs. I have made tea eggs many times and was even a finalist with my tea egg salad on Food52, so I thought why not try yet another iteration and make deviled eggs. I have never made a deviled egg, but figured I would just cut the tea eggs in half, scoop the yolks out, blend them with a version of my shiitake mayo and pipe them back into the eggs. All of this worked well except that the yolks become creamy rather than powdery and I had to use an egg beater to really get them fluffy enough. I also added a touch of the steeping liquid. I think they turned out wonderfully and the extra egg goo was great piped onto sesame rice crackers.

Next up was a flatbread with sweet potato purée, smoked tea, black bean country pork ribs and a pile of lightly dressed salad with a sprinkle of green onion and cilantro. Again I used well-worn recipes and the multi-grain pizza dough from Whole Foods (see shiitake mayo link for pork).

Our friends brought an impressive cheese platter with cured meats, some wine and cookies and we were set.

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