Itty Bits of Meat, Day Two

Waiting somewhere in limbo for my husband’s delayed flight I searched the fridge and freezer for a meal that would meet the goal of easy, tasty, non meat-centric. I also saw a good opportunity to use up several small bits of leftovers. Cooked rice, one piece of breaded chicken, a carrot, the last frozen hockey puck of shredded zucchini from our garden, a couple eggs, mirin, soy, dashi. What I really wanted (green onions, oyster sauce) I had used up so I made do with what I had.

I thawed the zucchini while I grated the carrot. Both were sautéed in a bit of peanut oil. I added the cut up chicken and rice and then a mixture of egg, mirin, soy, dashi and water, covered it and let it set. I sprinkled sesame seeds on top and tried to use an avocado but it had gone from unripe to terrible in a day. A plop of sambal added some heat. It was very good but any photo would be futile. May as well call it tasty, browned, glop on a plate. So take my word for it. Simple, tasty, quick, light on meat. A treat!

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