Adventures in VB6: Day 2

by Marina Chotzinoff

This morning I woke up to a velvety bowl of steel cut oats that had cooked slowly overnight in the crock pot. I had made it with almond milk and water and stirred in some almond butter and maple syrup. I know the diet says no white sugar and I’m hoping a touch of maple syrup is ok and if it is not, so be it. I can’t eat oatmeal or other breakfast porridges without some sort of sweetness though I am willing to try weening to just fresh fruit. And I put milk in my coffee again and that might be a permanent reality but I will consider it again at a later date.

I was going to be working at the shop which meant I had to pack everything I need. Globeville is still pretty much a food wasteland and remembering all my between meal hungries I knew I had to be prepared. So I packed up a similar salad to yesterday with kale, quinoa/farro, roasted sweet potatoes, toasted almonds and a black vinegar dressing. It occurred to me that the chili garlic sauce had a bit of sugar but it was pretty minimal so I used it anyway. I also packed an apple, two cuties and some coconut milk blueberry yoghurt that I did not have high hopes for. Besides it had a ton of other stuff I had neglected to pay attention to. But I was not going to waste it. Finally I added a pack of roasted seaweed because it is a godsend for crunchy, salty cravings.

Hoping breakfast would get me to lunch, I tried not to dwell on it but by 11 I was pretty hungry so I ate the apple. I also drank a bunch of water. The apple got me to 12:30 when Ryan fetched me for lunch. For the most part I enjoyed my salad but started getting a little tired of the sweet potatoes. Next time I will add something else to minimize the sweet. Snack an hour and a half later was the yoghurt which was as unpleasant as I thought it would be but I ate it all. And then I picked up my daughter and headed home.

I was not quite prepared to be home as early (an hour before dinner!) and that triggered some serious cravings. I ate a date and some pecans and water which helped. I also got busy prepping dinner which was a good distraction. Originally I planned on a smoked trout frittata but had no eggs! So I pulled out mushrooms, broccoli, 2 slices of bacon, the rest of the rotisserie chicken from yesterday and some udon noodles. I made a quick dashi, browned bacon and cooked the mushrooms and a shallot in the fat deglazing with the soup. The broccoli and chicken went in to simmer while I boiled the noodles. And ahhhhh, a soulful soup was born.

One thing I am realizing about dinners is that they do me no good the next day with meat mixed in. That would be impossible with the soup but I made a mental note to do better with that tomorrow. Regardless, it was a decent day and I’m figuring things out a little better.

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