VB6: Week 1 Recap

by Marina Chotzinoff

Well here I am in week two of VB6. I didn’t post beyond the first couple days last week mainly because some things were just repeats but also because it was the Fourth of July and my good intentions got all out of whack. So here is a recap in addition to some advice.

  1. Don’t start a new meatless or less meat diet right before a holiday that brings the whole neighborhood out to the grill to cook MEAT.
  2. Don’t go to an event or bar(s) and drink enough to be sufficiently fuzzy the next day that your only real cure is cheesy eggs and bacon. Or possibly even the appetizer sampler at 3 pm at a chain restaurant next to IKEA. (Do they call it Rock Bottom Brewery for a reason?)
  3. DO give yourself a break and eat an egg for breakfast and put milk in your coffee if you want. This is designed to be an enjoyable lifetime change, not a short and torturous solution.
  4. DO welcome the Monday after a four day weekend with a new plan filled with exciting recipes.
  5. DO find a VB6 buddy or several and ask and tell about your own and their experiences. It makes you and them accountable but also gives you good ideas and validation.

So yes, I blew it over the weekend. Perhaps because although I did a great job through Thursday, the pressure of not only pulling together breakfasts, lunches and dinner for my daughter and husband but also packing whole days worth of food for me when I was not working at home broke me. And even when I had pre-dreaded a lunch of randomly thrown together vegetables that turned out to taste really good, the effort got to me and I completely let go. But I think this is ok and I think it taught me some things which were underscored in the book which I continued to read throughout the weekend:

  • I was mixing ingredients from my lunches with chicken or fish at dinner which meant I could not eat the leftovers the next day for lunch. So I am going to reverse that by creating dishes at dinner that work well for my lunches but can be augmented with meat treats for the rest of the family.
  • It’s ok to not freak out if I really want an egg for breakfast. I will be much better off being able to satisfy a good craving than feeling bitter about it and potentially doing something worse.
  • It’s important for me to gather many good ideas and take some time to plan and think them through. I now have a notebook with ideas and a shopping list for the week and also ideas for later including an amazing looking recipe for chiles en nogada that I will make this weekend. That satisfies my desire for a big production number that I don’t have time for in the week.
  • I went back to some inspiration I have not looked at in a while including Heidi Swanson’s site and my very own binder packed with magazine recipes and pulled out four ideas for the week.

I started my week with the slow cooked steel cut oats and have plans for a large salad for lunch that I can top with some chicken for family dinner. I also have a new prep list for tonight that will get us through many delicious meals this week including: pickled carrots and jalapeƱos (for sesame noodles and tofu banh mi), cooked wheat berries (I had a huge bag of these) for a glazed kabocha squash and arugula salad, more roasted tomatoes because paired with a tahini dressing they gave great depth of flavor to many dishes, porcini pecan spread because I was lacking in good snacking and some quick breakfast bread that was vegan-ified for me by AntoniaJames at Food52.

I’m looking forward to the week!

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