I live, cook and eat in Denver, Colorado with my husband and daughter. By day I am front end web design and production manager for a non-profit in California. I also spend a fair amount of time promoting my husband’s business, Where Wood Meets Steel. He builds beautiful, custom furniture, fixtures and architectural pieces from steel and felled and reclaimed trees here in Denver. I love not only spreading the word, but getting my hands dirty with the occasional sanding, waxing, heavy lifting and design the business requires.

I have cooked for as long as I can remember- first with my parents and relations, later in restaurants and catering, and finally for my own pure pleasure. My first incarnation of Savor This began back in San Francisco in 2000. The first several were more ‘zine’ like issues focusing on a theme with a variety of sections. The maintenance was too much and I stopped writing anything official until March 2011. I decided to try out a Meatless March and wanted a way to keep track of what I cooked and ate as I so often remember loving a meal, but not remembering enough about how to recreate it. Once Meatless March was over, I realized I really liked logging many of my meals. Not only did it make me a better chef by imagining an audience, but still serves as a great collection of things both failed and successful.

My style varies, but I try with each dish to make each ingredient make the most sense, to streamline the preparation and cooking process, and to challenge myself into learning something new. I cook most meals that we eat and have had such pleasure watching my daughter’s growing enthusiasm and skillset as she chops, shreds and peels atop her little wooden stool.

So that is what this is. A catalog of meals, why I made them, recipes (and recipe-like descriptions that probably only non-recipe following type people could hope to replicate) and a bit of life sprinkled in.

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    1. mindy on said:

      you are one hot ticket! i am so glad you have joined food52. that salmon recipe should absolutely have been a finalist, but i think they (unfortunately) usually pick very simple recipes for finalists. looking forward to seeing more of you and your considerable talents!

      • admin on said:

        Thank you so much! I had started to assume that was the case with the contests- all my recipes seemed very involved by comparison. Funny that it would even matter but just a community pick made me smile.

        Meanwhile I’m blown away by the garden pics on your blog. We just filled in an old swimming pool in our yard and are setting out on our first real vegetable garden (beyond just peppers, herbs and tomatoes) and we have a long, long way to go! Thankfully my sister is a wonderful gardener and will be here to help next week. Here is a shameless family plug for her gardening book, People with Dirty Hands. She is a great writer and I think you’d enjoy it.

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