Feast on This

I can eat a good meal anywhere. But I love love love eating at the dining table I got to work on at our shop. And now, in addition to the custom work we do, we have some pieces that allow you to choose a top and base. It definitely elevates the meal. If I may say so myself. Available here.

Avocado Citrus Chili Shooters

I have spent a fair amount of time this week considering the avocado. Unlike anything else, avocados can really make a dish. Whether in a taco, paired with a sticky, Asian grilled meat and rice or wrapped around a beautiful piece of raw fish, they are able to transform a good dish into something really spectacular. And it is painfully obvious when they are missing and you eat each bite thinking….if only. During this avocado ponder, I thought about the various pairings that were the best and how I could isolate them in a way that showcased the avocado itself … Continue reading

Crispy Barley Cake with Avocado and Brown Butter Balsamic

It has been quite a while since I have had the time/energy/patience/lack-of-other-priorities to spend any sort of time on Savor This. In fact, it seems like ages since I’ve crafted any new recipes worth writing down and sharing. But the day before yesterday I found half an hour to go for a walk in the sweltering heat and I dreamed up a tasty appetizer. And today I found a little time to cook it and eat it. And it is definitely worth sharing. It started with an avocado (and if you know me at all you will assume that Food52 … Continue reading

Sake Glazed Salmon with Garlic Chive Egg Noodles

I just revisited these noodles for the scallion contest. It was a no-brainer to use them in place of the garlic chives from before. I modified the ratio slightly, but they are still as tasty as ever. For lunch I will be eating them with kabocha turkey burgers from last night…which might sound weird, but they were great: ground turkey, roasted kabocha, pickled ginger, garlic, shallot, soy, sherry, leftover scallion oil from these noodles… These egg noodles are great for spring. Eat them as is because they are so tasty or top them with grilled fish or chicken, toss them … Continue reading

A Favorite New Platform

The best part about a cooking challenge is the rare discovery of something great. Forced to think outside your cooking or ingredient box you might find a new technique or ingredient that will soon become part of your regular rotation. This was exactly the case with this chickpea recipe. Having not long ago discovered the delicious socca, I had chickpea flour on hand and was searching for something else to do with it. I also happened to have some smoked salmon that I thought would be great atop a chickpea pancake or similar platform. I thought adding a shredded or … Continue reading

Burnt Orange Fig Charoset

We celebrated the rare feast of Thanksgivvikuh with my sister’s family in Austin. It was an exercise of collaboration and creativity that produced some delicious surprises and new favorites. And so it was with great enthusiasm that I pondered my sister’s request for some reinvented seder dishes for an article she was writing on the Passover feast. Among the dishes we discussed, I was drawn most to the charoset which, in my somewhat limited experience, has been wonderful or dreadful. The dreadful versions involved browning apples sitting in a liquid of sorts that more immediately reminds you of the actual … Continue reading

A Pile of Greens

Food52 recently had a contest for your best recipes using hearty greens. I had a bazillion ideas, but less free time than ever and a promise to myself to do a better job with priorities. I did, however, have kale and spinach and I do have to eat and feed my family so a few recipes got through. The results of the contest are not yet published, so I will type with crossed fingers. And regardless, these are just good recipes that will continue to be in my repertoire. This first recipe is a silky, umami-rich condiment made with spinach, … Continue reading

Velvety Cauliflower Custard

The dinner parties my parents hosted were mesmerizing. From the buffet spreads to the complicated dishes involving lazy susans or a Peking duck that took three days, I was ever impressed by the formula they seemed to follow promising magical results. From the exotic to the classic there were always some standouts that oozed elegance and gourmet charm. Thinking back to those times I wanted to create something classic and elegant that would elevate a simple grilled steak for dinner. With a cauliflower on hand and being limited to the stove top (why? Food52 contest of course) I decided to … Continue reading

I Got Scarlet Fever

In the summertime my daughter is obsessed with playing out in her mud kitchen. She spends hours mixing, stirring, pouring and garnishing with sprinkles of chives and sage before proudly offering up each creation. One day she handed me a soupy slop adorned with twigs and leaves. “What is it?” I asked. “Scarlet Fever,” she announced without hesitation. This was due, no doubt to the fate that befell her good buddy’s family the week before, resulting in the (gasp!) cancellation of his birthday party. And just as that event made a serious impression on my four year old, so was … Continue reading

A Culinary Milestone

This recipe is a huge milestone for me. HUGE! For most of my life I have hated beets. As far as I was concerned they were the vegetable kingdom’s embodiment of pure evil. Flowery dirt that I could pick out even as coloring agents in smoothies. And despite this beet loathing, I dutifully tried them year after year. Once at a dinner party, I arrived at the table horrified to see a plate of beets at every seat. They were roasted and crispy with rosemary, cracked pepper and salt and if I was going to like a beet, that would … Continue reading