Feast on This

I can eat a good meal anywhere. But I love love love eating at the dining table I got to work on at our shop. And now, in addition to the custom work we do, we have some pieces that allow you to choose a top and base. It definitely elevates the meal. If I may say so myself. Available here.

    I Got Scarlet Fever

    In the summertime my daughter is obsessed with playing out in her mud kitchen. She spends hours mixing, stirring, pouring and garnishing with sprinkles of chives and sage before proudly offering up each creation. One day she handed me a soupy slop adorned with twigs and leaves. “What is it?” I asked. “Scarlet Fever,” she announced without hesitation. This was due, no doubt to the fate that befell her good buddy’s family the week before, resulting in the (gasp!) cancellation of his birthday party. And just as that event made a serious impression on my four year old, so was … Continue reading

      A Genius Recipe Found, A Challenging New Diet on the Horizon

      I was browsing some recipes on Food52 this morning over coffee and was reminded of Le Bec Fin’s Genius Balsamic Fried Eggs. They looked great and I had no choice but to get up and make them right then and there. It took all of 5 minutes total and was delicious. The balsamic turns a little syrupy and melds wonderfully with the butter (reminding me of the balsamic brown butter dressing I love to make). I poured the egg and sauce onto some toasted rosemary sourdough and topped it all with fresh tarragon and a sprinkle of grated parmesan. Now … Continue reading

        Sweet Potato Fries with Smokey Tea Pork and Shiitake Mayo

        During the Olympics, Food52 had a contest asking for our best pub food. Thinking back to college and the alarming things we ate at two in the morning, I recalled the gooey baskets of waffle fries topped with bacon, sour cream, cheese and ketchup. They came out crispy and hot and slowly sogged out a bit as you got to the end. I’m sure I had fitful sleeps cured by sleeping in until 10 or 11 and a metabolism to save me from a Senior 70. As I pondered those crispy, gooey baskets my thoughts turned to a more grownup, … Continue reading

          Leftovers Worth Fighting For

          When I was growing up my mom kept a container in the fridge labeled “Hog Casings” in which she kept safe any leftovers she thought my dad might hoard for himself. It’s funny now to think that her method was clever survival, resourcefulness and self-preservation while my dad’s was greed, gluttony or sneakiness. Sometimes he would shamelessly claim certain praised items while shunning the things the rest of us were forced to eat. Heck, he might even cheers us, oblivious, while happily smacking his lips after the last bite of a coveted morsel. So I certainly don’t blame my mom … Continue reading

            The Only Drizzle You Need

            Nutty … … salty … … sweet … … puckery … … aromatic . Deep … … complex … …tongue-coating … … satiny. Asparagus … … green beans … … roasted brussels … … grilled chicken … … fried cheese … … rib-eye. The… … only … … drizzle … … you … … need. Orange, soy, brown butter dressing 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon aged balsamic vinegar 1 orange, zested, juiced Melt butter over medium heat until just beginning to brown. If you have any doubts, remove from heat once it starts to smell … Continue reading

              A Quintessential Breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)

              There are many, many mornings when we are all running amok, barely getting out the door with all our clothes on, teeth brushed and lunch packed. These mornings I typically eat the leftover crust from my daughter’s toast, a couple cups of coffee and maybe the dregs of an applesauce or yoghurt. I am usually woobly and famished by 11 and the whole day feels unbalanced. And then there are mornings that start off right and I am able to recalibrate with one, simple meal: kale and eggs. I am a bit spoiled now that it is summer and my … Continue reading

                Stoner Waffle Dinner

                It’s no secret my was fond of fancy, electronic gadgets. He’d pore through the likes of Williams Sonoma, various restaurant supply catalogs, that weird Vermont one that had union suits, bag balm and old fashioned candy and fill out the order sheet. Often when a package arrived on the stoop he’d have forgotten his midnight purchase until, peanuts and packing tape piles later he’d coo with glee at a new industrial juicer, ice cream machine or seltzer shooter. One such item, new and fancy in its day was a Belgium waffle maker which I inherited and used a fair amount. … Continue reading

                  A Belated Admission

                  Dear Dad, You were right. Pressure cookers ARE great. Fall-aparty meat is where it’s at and pressure cookers can deliver in 15 minutes flat. I’m sorry I screamed and cried and ran from the room when you tried to make me use one. “What were you, like eight?” Ryan asked as I told him the story. “No, more like fifteen. And I was scared of air pumps and bicycle tires, jumper cables and anything else that might potentially explode.” But in thinking back on this awesome display of drama on my part, I think I am realizing I was in … Continue reading

                    The Mighty Artichoke Gives it Up

                    Spring brings us the early, earthy hints of green goodness that mark the beginning of the summer garden. Sweet peas, funky favas, luscious artichokes and piles of herbs are such welcome tastes after a winter of roots and stews. So funny, then, that what I wanted from this early bounty was a stew. Vignarola, specifically. A famous Roman dish that welcomes spring. One I have never had the pleasure of eating in its rightful place, but have cooked with what I consider success. So I will continue in my blissful ignorance until the day I get to ┬átaste the OG … Continue reading