An Old Fashioned Arm Workout

One of the many reasons I could never be a true locavore is my intense love of citrus. Especially limes. I know there are people growing bananas and all sorts of other crazy things in Colorado, but my guess is that local limes are not anything we’d see any time soon. And we probably shouldn’t. And so it is that I buy large bags of limes and sometimes lemons at Costco. They are so inexpensive this way and I am able to zest and juice them, then freeze my efforts for what I consider an absolute staple. And for this … Continue reading

    My Favorite New, Old Pan

    I finally gave in to my years-long fear of nonstick pans and stopped using the heavy duty pan we got a few years ago at a restaurant supply store in Madison. I can’t say this is the complete and total end of teflon in my world, but it seems a valid thing to stop ingesting. So I turned to an old standby: my dad’s 9″ cast iron pan. The thing I remember my dad cooking most in this pan were burgers. Or, a burger, rather, just for him. He would buy the leanest hamburger possible, often grinding a good, lean … Continue reading