The Countdown to Meatless March 2012 or How I Can Happily Eat Both Seeds AND Livers Cooked in Duck Fat on the Same Day

Earlier this week, it occurred to me that March was almost upon us. And with this thought I had a brief moment of fear as I wondered if I’d give up meat again for the month. It might be that the moment was fast approaching or that life is too busy to not be able to just throw a rib eye on the grill, wash some lettuce and call it dinner. But I was feeling mildly alarmed by this private pondering of abstinence. So what did I do? I announced on Facebook that I would be participating once again in … Continue reading

    Hey Maru! I Picked Up Dinner!

    Nine years ago my husband (then boyfriend) and I moved to Denver from San Francisco to help look after my dad who had been on a roller coaster of crazy medical predicaments for quite a while. My two sisters had been sharing duties of balancing doctor appointments, hospital runs, conflicting medical advice, piles of pills, some odd roommates he’d acquired, his dog and dental disasters among other things. I had been taking a trip about every month to visit him during the summer of ’02 when he’d been in and out of the hospital, a nursing home, and bouncing back … Continue reading

      Short Rib Tacos

      A lot of meals we eat end up happening just because we had the ingredients while some are crazy inspirations that strike me that I simply must fulfill. I’ll attribute this, like many of my food traits, to my dad. He would sit in his office or at his seat at the kitchen, most likely in his boxer shorts (sun or snow) and swallow books whole. For hours on end, night after night, he’d sit on some of the most uncomfortable seats we had which was odd for an old man with a bony butt. But he’d sit and read … Continue reading

        An Offal Blair Tribute

        It all started with a nubbly, gnarly looking celery root in my fridge. As I stood there staring at it, I could only think back to the heavenly artichoke puree a couple nights ago and knew I’d have to cook it in milk and blend it up with some butter. I then was thinking about what sorts of things I’d put on top and instantly thought of something like fried chicken. I didn’t really want fried chicken but something smaller, more delicate, but equally crispy. I thought of small birds like quail and then I thought of sweetbreads and then, … Continue reading

          Cheating Makes Me Full

          Today is an important day in remembrance and gluttony. In some odd tangle of fate, both my dad and my husband’s mom died on this day a couple years apart. And then just a couple years later, a good, old family friend also found it a good day to go from this world to whatever comes next. Some people find it spooky and think we need to be extra cautious. I feel that this day is now closed and was simply an easier day to travel. My due date for my daughter was March 31st and I felt convinced she … Continue reading