Orange-Scented Smoked Tea Ice Cream

I have only made ice cream once and it ended up being more of a hassle than I anticipated. Not the actual making of the ice cream, but what was required of me for the next several weeks after dinner each night. It was our first Thanksgiving back in Denver and, coincidentally, my birthday. Being my favorite holiday, and having many family members arriving to share it in our old/new home, we planned a pretty awesome meal. Beginning with sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce and ending with pumpkin ice cream topped with spiced, candied nuts and brulĂ©ed … Continue reading

    If Jacques Pepin Married Martha Stewart

    Recently I resumed our Door to Door Organics deliveries because I had a credit with them and figured with spring there might be some leafy eats. But to my dismay, just like fall, I have been inundated with apples. I like apples, but I find there are only so many I can eat without getting a little bored and nobody else in the house has been helping. Despite the fact that I don’t often whip up desserts just for us, I decided to make an apple pie of sorts just so I could use them all up at once. But … Continue reading