Adventures in VB6: Day 2

This morning I woke up to a velvety bowl of steel cut oats that had cooked slowly overnight in the crock pot. I had made it with almond milk and water and stirred in some almond butter and maple syrup. I know the diet says no white sugar and I’m hoping a touch of maple syrup is ok and if it is not, so be it. I can’t eat oatmeal or other breakfast porridges without some sort of sweetness though I am willing to try weening to just fresh fruit. And I put milk in my coffee again and that … Continue reading

    Add These to Anything

    We had invited ourselves over to a friend and neighbor’s house in order to extract some sage advice. Naturally we offered to bring an edible and I settled on a healthy and oomphy salad. As I went about my day the phrase “honey roasted carrots” swirled in my head for no particular reason. I had a couple bunches of kale, a small handful of arugula. some chicken thighs, way too much milk and about 2 cups of buttermilk as well as, handily, a bunch of carrots. So I settled on a piled up salad with a kale and greens base, … Continue reading

      Itty Bits of Meat, Day Two

      Waiting somewhere in limbo for my husband’s delayed flight I searched the fridge and freezer for a meal that would meet the goal of easy, tasty, non meat-centric. I also saw a good opportunity to use up several small bits of leftovers. Cooked rice, one piece of breaded chicken, a carrot, the last frozen hockey puck of shredded zucchini from our garden, a couple eggs, mirin, soy, dashi. What I really wanted (green onions, oyster sauce) I had used up so I made do with what I had. I thawed the zucchini while I grated the carrot. Both were sautéed … Continue reading

        Itty Bits of Meat, Day One

        If you hadn’t noticed, I moved Meatless March to a later summer date when my garden will be plentiful (I dare you hail!) and vegetarian cooking is sparkling with the raw, the ripe and the rainbow colored. It did not hurt that we also took possession of 25 pounds of happy-running, grass fed beef lovingly raised by my husband’s step family and lovingly slaughtered and packaged by his grandfather’s processing company. Irish Grove Farms and Eickman’s Processing Co. are both in Illinois and as my husband’s father and stepmother were stopping through Denver on a road trip, we convinced them … Continue reading

          GochuJANG! Those are Some Tasty Wings…

          Korean plus Fried plus Chicken sets my expectations for greatness. Especially lately when my hot sauce of the moment is gochujang. I can clearly see an evolution in my palette having first embraced sriracha, then sambal and now this richer, spicier version that is deepened with a funky fermented bean paste. I came home with chicken wings the other day despite my historical eye rolling when my dad did the same, yelling “Maru! I picked up dinner!” The difference here is that these would be an appetizer and at least one, and likely several, vegetables would also grace the plate. … Continue reading

            Dreaming of Delicata

            In general I am a big fan of sweet, earthy, wonderful winter squash. But most pale in comparison to the amazing delicata. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s easy to cook, has a wonderful creamy texture and rich flavor. And, you can eat the skin. Skin you can actually enjoy unlike other skins you are supposed to eat and like but wish your mom would remove for you prior to desecrating your plate with its offensive leatherness. And so when I saw some perfectly formed delicata yesterday I knew they’d become dinner. Enlisting the help of … Continue reading

              Getting Better at the Simple and Soulful

              Despite the fact that I love a complex, swanky meal and can twist my brain in knots dreaming them up, I have long aspired to a simpler life. Meals involving minimal ingredients, prep, equipment, time, money. I recognize that my simple is different from a lot of people’s simple, but it’s all relative, isn’t it? And lately I have achieved some true simplicity in dishes that have surpassed my expectations in flavor, ease and overall satisfaction. So I am creating a new category to house these gems so that I can browse them occasionally and bring myself back from the … Continue reading

                Earthy White Fall Soup

                From my office window I see Fall the way Colorado does it best. Vibrant blue skies, trees covered in amber and copper leaves and a chilly, crisp, beautiful morning turning into an 80 degree day. It’s that last part that can mess with you and it happens in every season. You can sit comfortably in a t-shirt on a sunny day following a blizzard, have it dump snow the day before your wedding in May (yup, that was us) and approach Fall and Spring in a zig-zag of temperatures. And I love it. Even if it means hunkering down to … Continue reading

                  Roasted Cauliflower Farro Chicken Soup with Kale

                  Last year, my friend Andra of Fork and Pen (and momma to my daughter’s BFF) decided to host a soup swap. The idea was to gather six moms who would each bring six servings of soup to swap for our kids’ lunches. As a bonus, we each got to meet a couple new lovely ladies and spend some time once a month sipping cocktails, nibbling hors d’oeuvres and commiserating or celebrating as life dictates. Summer brought a bit of a hiatus, but with school back in session and some fall crisp in the air, Wassoup was back and I was … Continue reading

                    Leftovers Worth Fighting For

                    When I was growing up my mom kept a container in the fridge labeled “Hog Casings” in which she kept safe any leftovers she thought my dad might hoard for himself. It’s funny now to think that her method was clever survival, resourcefulness and self-preservation while my dad’s was greed, gluttony or sneakiness. Sometimes he would shamelessly claim certain praised items while shunning the things the rest of us were forced to eat. Heck, he might even cheers us, oblivious, while happily smacking his lips after the last bite of a coveted morsel. So I certainly don’t blame my mom … Continue reading