Sake Glazed Salmon with Garlic Chive Egg Noodles

I just revisited these noodles for the scallion contest. It was a no-brainer to use them in place of the garlic chives from before. I modified the ratio slightly, but they are still as tasty as ever. For lunch I will be eating them with kabocha turkey burgers from last night…which might sound weird, but they were great: ground turkey, roasted kabocha, pickled ginger, garlic, shallot, soy, sherry, leftover scallion oil from these noodles… These egg noodles are great for spring. Eat them as is because they are so tasty or top them with grilled fish or chicken, toss them … Continue reading

    Velvety Cauliflower Custard

    The dinner parties my parents hosted were mesmerizing. From the buffet spreads to the complicated dishes involving lazy susans or a Peking duck that took three days, I was ever impressed by the formula they seemed to follow promising magical results. From the exotic to the classic there were always some standouts that oozed elegance and gourmet charm. Thinking back to those times I wanted to create something classic and elegant that would elevate a simple grilled steak for dinner. With a cauliflower on hand and being limited to the stove top (why? Food52 contest of course) I decided to … Continue reading

      Sweet and Savory Breakfast Treat

      Breakfast during the week for me lately has either been slow cooked oatmeal or toast with avocado or a nut butter of sorts on top. But come weekend I give myself free reign to enjoy eggy creations, salty meats, or sweet treats. Or, perhaps, it is a concoction involving all three and then some. The latest incarnation was everything a perfect breakfast should be: savory, sweet, fluffy, crunchy, bready, meaty and completely off-the-cuff. I was at the tail end of some sprouted wheat bread that I thought tasted good but had a really odd, almost spongy texture. I have been … Continue reading

        A Genius Recipe Found, A Challenging New Diet on the Horizon

        I was browsing some recipes on Food52 this morning over coffee and was reminded of Le Bec Fin’s Genius Balsamic Fried Eggs. They looked great and I had no choice but to get up and make them right then and there. It took all of 5 minutes total and was delicious. The balsamic turns a little syrupy and melds wonderfully with the butter (reminding me of the balsamic brown butter dressing I love to make). I poured the egg and sauce onto some toasted rosemary sourdough and topped it all with fresh tarragon and a sprinkle of grated parmesan. Now … Continue reading

          A Return to the Mundane

          All hail November 7th! Though I am still getting just as many political emails as ever (ignoring) it is nice to have the elections behind us. A friend on Facebook pleaded for a return to the mundane. Photos of kids in silly outfits, cute baby animals, food we are cooking or eating. Anything but red and blue maps, infographics, finger-pointing, bragging and blaming. I hear that loud and clear and so here is what I ate today (so far)… Breakfast: cracker eggs. A weird “specialty” my Uncle Herb used to make for me when I was a little kid visiting … Continue reading

            A Quintessential Breakfast (or lunch, or dinner)

            There are many, many mornings when we are all running amok, barely getting out the door with all our clothes on, teeth brushed and lunch packed. These mornings I typically eat the leftover crust from my daughter’s toast, a couple cups of coffee and maybe the dregs of an applesauce or yoghurt. I am usually woobly and famished by 11 and the whole day feels unbalanced. And then there are mornings that start off right and I am able to recalibrate with one, simple meal: kale and eggs. I am a bit spoiled now that it is summer and my … Continue reading

              Tea Egg Salad

              Last Chinese New Year I decided to make a veritable feast. Tea eggs were perhaps the most festive looking and versatile pairing item on the menu. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the steeping liquid seeps into the eggs giving them a subtle, but lovely spiced flavor that complements so many other dishes. I had left the leftover eggs in the liquid for yet another day, peeling, chopping and mixing with mayo for a divine egg salad. To improve things even more, I added thin slices of a black bean, tea braised pork rib to some tiny … Continue reading

                Tomato Bacon Egg Custard…A Work in Progress

                I am used to having the planning of a meal consume my brain for the better part of a day…or days. But this might be the first time I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea as clear as day. This is starting to look a lot more like how my dad ate through life, but decades earlier. It might only be a matter of time before I am actually getting out of bed and trying to concoct said vision at 3 a.m. Lucky for me, I tucked it away, fell back asleep and did not … Continue reading

                  The Mighty Artichoke Gives it Up

                  Spring brings us the early, earthy hints of green goodness that mark the beginning of the summer garden. Sweet peas, funky favas, luscious artichokes and piles of herbs are such welcome tastes after a winter of roots and stews. So funny, then, that what I wanted from this early bounty was a stew. Vignarola, specifically. A famous Roman dish that welcomes spring. One I have never had the pleasure of eating in its rightful place, but have cooked with what I consider success. So I will continue in my blissful ignorance until the day I get to ┬átaste the OG … Continue reading

                    The Countdown to Meatless March 2012 or How I Can Happily Eat Both Seeds AND Livers Cooked in Duck Fat on the Same Day

                    Earlier this week, it occurred to me that March was almost upon us. And with this thought I had a brief moment of fear as I wondered if I’d give up meat again for the month. It might be that the moment was fast approaching or that life is too busy to not be able to just throw a rib eye on the grill, wash some lettuce and call it dinner. But I was feeling mildly alarmed by this private pondering of abstinence. So what did I do? I announced on Facebook that I would be participating once again in … Continue reading