A Slightly Less Nice Presentation Than the First

Not long ago we had friends over for dinner and I was determined to make this chilled corn soup. It’s just a beautiful summer essence in a bowl and pondering other fabulous things to go with it I considered lobster and crab (too pricey), some dumpling bonanza (too time consuming right at the time we should all be socializing) and settled on some homemade thai sausage. I am not really sure I knew that right away- I just figured I’d make a pork sausage with lots of crazy flavorings like lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, chiles, form it on some skewers, grill … Continue reading

    Fresh Corn & Grilled Salmon Salad

    Yesterday I wrote about how often I struggle with good lunches, but maybe I’m on a roll. Today I sauteed up some fresh corn that I just got in the weekly veggie box, tossed it with last night’s sticky, soy glazed grilled salmon, some cucumber and lettuce and a light rice vinegar dressing. I hope I can keep it up. It tasted amazing (there’s just nothing like sweet summer corn) and I felt great afterwards.  

      Dredging for Dinner

      There are some nights I am pretty proud about a meal that was pulled last minute from the back of the freezer and pantry, elevating sad little leftovers to a entirely new level. This meal, as oddly paired as it might seem, was one such event. We had just two small cups of chilled corn soup from the night before. I almost always have carrots on hand and apparently had some radishes as well. The carrots and radishes got a quick pickling in my standard mix of rice vinegar, sugar and chili. I meanwhile had started thawing two mahi mahi … Continue reading


        I had heard about garlic scapes several times, but had never had the opportunity to try them. Then one day they appeared in our weekly veggie basket. I found out that they are the flower of a garlic plant and are often removed in order to promote growth in the garlic plant itself. It was only recently that farmers realized people were willing to pay a premium for these mild flavored, crisp stems and so they have been showing up in more and more places in early spring/summer. We decided to try grilling them and after testing one found they … Continue reading

          A Sister-in-Law Influenced Eat What I Want

          Often I will get (or send) IMs from/to my sister-in-law in Minnesota regarding that evening’s meal. This particular say she sent me a link to a recipe for a potato, lentil and walnut salad that sounded really good. I don’t even remember the original recipe, but when I was in the store later that afternoon I decided I’d make a version of it. I would serve it with some simple, pan-fried salmon and a cold corn and tomato salad with the basil I was finally growing in the garden. For the salad, I cooked some new red potatoes in water … Continue reading

            Shrimp & Mango Salad

            When I lived in San Francisco, I worked across the street from a decent restaurant that I would go to for one thing: grilled mango and shrimp salad. It was the perfect lunch. Filling but light. Pretty healthy. Slightly extravagant for a week-day lunch. And when I saw the tiny, yellow, Champagne mangoes at Whole Foods I knew right away what I wanted to do with them. The shrimp got a quick marinating in some lime juice, olive oil, chili powder and garlic and were then cooked very quickly in a super hot pan. The mango was sliced into long, … Continue reading

              Broiled Eel, Chili Garlic Zucchini Noodles, Avocado Cream

              Another pretty standard meal around when we are running short on time is broiled eel. While I have made it from scratch in the past, I am not at all above keeping some already sauced eel on hand from H Mart. It thaws quickly, cooks quickly and can be paired with a ton of things. Usually we serve it with rice, some form of avocado and cucumbers. This time around I had zucchini and decided to make noodles from them (another thing we do often in the summer). The zucchini is cut into strips on the mandolin, heavily salted, and … Continue reading

                Grilled Salmon, Pickled Carrots & Roasted Shiitake Salad

                I’ve spent most of the summer, no matter how hot, cooking up a storm. Boiling, baking, braising and boiling in my skimpiest of skivvies because with the abundance of weekly veggies arriving on my porch (thanks to Door to Door Organics’ local box) I can’t help myself. Though with a husband working his ASS off just about every day and night since we bought a new workshop for his business, a toddler, a garden, a household and, oh yeah, a full-time job, I have not made any time to write about said cooking. So in the next many posts I … Continue reading

                  A Pleasant Walk, a Pleasant Talk Along the Briny Beach

                  I think the new name for this blog should be just “Do What I Want,” as that seems to have been my method these last several days. I want sweetbreads? I go git ‘em. Yesterday I needed a tin of sardines. No problem! Today it was mussels or moules frites to be exact. And I believe the journey to the moules started innocently enough. Maybe it was, hmmm, I should make something simple in as few pots as possible with small effort, but big results. Then I probably thought, we should definitely do something with the big pot of oil … Continue reading

                    Thanks, H Mart

                    We took a trip to H Mart yesterday, a large and impressive Korean grocery store in Aurora. The entrance is flanked by all manner of specialized electronic gizmos from humidifiers shaped like frogs, to $400 rice cookers to a whole row of kimchi refrigerators. I am always tempted by such machines, but force myself to keep walking toward the homemade tofu stand, the heart-stopping, loud and dangerous-looking machine which periodically explodes out rice cracker things and endless rows of produce. I had no real agenda, so I just pushed the shopping cart (the best kid car cart there is, where … Continue reading