Sweet Potato Hummus Soup with Gremolata and Lamb Sausage

If I were a cartoon, I think I’d be depicted walking around, living life, sleeping, with various ingredients and recipe ideas fluttering around my head like a swarm of butterflies. With all the cooking magazines, cookbooks and social media feeds I browse, these butterflies carry ingredients, methods, and techniques and often collide into what eventually becomes our next dinner. And that is exactly what happened last night. It started with a slow stroll through Whole Foods looking at produce and pondering a couple meals for the week. I passed some sweet potato hummus and was tempted to get it for … Continue reading

    Spiced Lamb and Spaghetti Squash Mini Lasagnas

    While we are both adventurous and schooled eaters, there are some things my husband is not a fan of. I do my best to give him more pasta than I would normally cook and avoid the potently aromatic (stinky cheese), briny (capers/olives) and seemingly incongruous pairings (fruit + meat). But sometimes my ideas and cravings are too strong (eat what I want!) and then I simply try to minimize the impact. Today was such a day. As is often the case, this dish was yet another long journey through the windy paths of my brain. The theme and the thread … Continue reading

      A British Pub Twist

      We were invited to a friend’s house last week to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This was exciting as we have no television at our house and I was looking forward to seeing commercials for all the shows and products most other people were aware of. It was also nerve wracking as it was a costume party and we had to come as our favorite Olympian. Not only did I not have any random sporty soccer type outfits, but I was damned if I was going to show up in a swimsuit or leotard. And so, naturally, I … Continue reading

        A Pile of Love, a Punch of Flavor

        A summer staple for us is often the zucchini noodle. Quickly ‘cooked’ in salt, the thin strilkes (is this even a word? I always thought it was yiddish and it clearly defines its shape…but I can’t actually find any proper mention of strill-kee anywhere) become a toothsome platform for any number of toppings and we take full advantage all season long. This time around, it was topped with homemade ricotta, super thin slices of multi-colored tomatoes and a lamb sausage similar to this with torn cilantro and basil and a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil to top it off. … Continue reading

          Eric’s Birthday Lamb (without Eric Present)

          My brother-in-law loves lamb. And not just any lamb. A very specific cumin-y grilled lamb he remembers from years ago in some small village in China. Ever since he told me this, I had tried making a version of this lamb for him feeling sadly aware that I might never get it. This was never made easier by the fact that my sister hates lamb, thus slimming our chances for hunting it down. But then last month they were all coming for a visit and my sister asked me to make Eric some lamb. I decided to look around again … Continue reading