The Countdown to Meatless March 2012 or How I Can Happily Eat Both Seeds AND Livers Cooked in Duck Fat on the Same Day

Earlier this week, it occurred to me that March was almost upon us. And with this thought I had a brief moment of fear as I wondered if I’d give up meat again for the month. It might be that the moment was fast approaching or that life is too busy to not be able to just throw a rib eye on the grill, wash some lettuce and call it dinner. But I was feeling mildly alarmed by this private pondering of abstinence. So what did I do? I announced on Facebook that I would be participating once again in … Continue reading

    An Offal Blair Tribute

    It all started with a nubbly, gnarly looking celery root in my fridge. As I stood there staring at it, I could only think back to the heavenly artichoke puree a couple nights ago and knew I’d have to cook it in milk and blend it up with some butter. I then was thinking about what sorts of things I’d put on top and instantly thought of something like fried chicken. I didn’t really want fried chicken but something smaller, more delicate, but equally crispy. I thought of small birds like quail and then I thought of sweetbreads and then, … Continue reading