Discovering VB6 and It’s Polar Opposite in the Same Month is … Cruel

So I am reaching the end of week two of VB6, or Vegan Before 6 pm for all you newcomers. Aside from a couple crazy hiccups ranging from an oven thermometer bursting into flames and smoking out huge platters of roasting kabocha and cauliflower to a flat tire at Whole Foods to some plain and simple vegan ennui, I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. As hoped, my creative brain churning has kicked up a notch and I’ve been able to imagine and assemble all sorts of meals of healthy persuasion. My life, in general, feels more mindful and I’ve gone … Continue reading

    There is Probably Always Room for Another Taco

    I did not plan to head out for tacos for lunch today. In fact, I was sitting at my desk trying really hard not to eat the awesome ribs I made yesterday since they were supposed to be for dinner. And as I tried hard NOT to think about the sticky, sweet, chai glaze on those ribs, Eater reminded me that a new taco place opened just down the road. And because the owner hails from Austin, this taco place sells MIGAS! I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can say that word without yelling it. That’s … Continue reading

      Deviled Tea Eggs

      Because I seem to thrive on making too many plans involving cooking and cleaning at any one time, I decided to have some friends over for “heavy snacks” and drinks the day before a blow-out French Laundry-inspired New Year’s Eve dinner. Naturally I thought simple, tasty, little effort. And, for me, I think I succeeded. Because I am still finishing details for the afore-mentioned NYE meal, I will just give the basics on a couple dishes from yesterday. It all pulled from my go to dishes, paired wonderfully and made for a really fine evening. First up were the deviled … Continue reading

        Sweet Potato Fries with Smokey Tea Pork and Shiitake Mayo

        During the Olympics, Food52 had a contest asking for our best pub food. Thinking back to college and the alarming things we ate at two in the morning, I recalled the gooey baskets of waffle fries topped with bacon, sour cream, cheese and ketchup. They came out crispy and hot and slowly sogged out a bit as you got to the end. I’m sure I had fitful sleeps cured by sleeping in until 10 or 11 and a metabolism to save me from a Senior 70. As I pondered those crispy, gooey baskets my thoughts turned to a more grownup, … Continue reading

          Pork and Sweet Potato: No Better Pairing

          As the end of the day was nearing I realized there was nothing for dinner besides cheese and crackers, some tubes of strawberry yoghurt and the pile of giant zucchini mocking me from the counter. I had a half hour before I had to pick up my daughter and wanted to at least have something started so I opened the freezer. The very first thing I saw was some frozen smoked tea pork. I could eat the stuff five times a week but my husband was a little over it the last time I served it, like, five times in … Continue reading

            Slow Cooked Pork with Figs and Kabocha Polenta

            I did it. I made a quick, simple, delectable meal. I know this will not necessarily be quick or simple for everyone, but for me it took under an hour so I call that a success. I heard the crazy voices starting yesterday when I brought home a pork shoulder, but one by one I killed the complicated visions until I was left with something wonderful. Something I could easily accomplish being home only 45 minutes before receiving two ya-ya little girls for a sleepover. Something that would still be wonderful heated up when my husband came home from yet … Continue reading

              Stoner Waffle Dinner

              It’s no secret my was fond of fancy, electronic gadgets. He’d pore through the likes of Williams Sonoma, various restaurant supply catalogs, that weird Vermont one that had union suits, bag balm and old fashioned candy and fill out the order sheet. Often when a package arrived on the stoop he’d have forgotten his midnight purchase until, peanuts and packing tape piles later he’d coo with glee at a new industrial juicer, ice cream machine or seltzer shooter. One such item, new and fancy in its day was a Belgium waffle maker which I inherited and used a fair amount. … Continue reading

                A Belated Admission

                Dear Dad, You were right. Pressure cookers ARE great. Fall-aparty meat is where it’s at and pressure cookers can deliver in 15 minutes flat. I’m sorry I screamed and cried and ran from the room when you tried to make me use one. “What were you, like eight?” Ryan asked as I told him the story. “No, more like fifteen. And I was scared of air pumps and bicycle tires, jumper cables and anything else that might potentially explode.” But in thinking back on this awesome display of drama on my part, I think I am realizing I was in … Continue reading

                  A Rainy Summer Feast and the Road to Retribution

                  We recently got back from a road trip to Arizona. Typical road trip eating aside, I have to say most of our meals out (save one awesome smoked pork and coleslaw sandwich in the fabulously strange town of Jerome) were dreadful. I believe one of our co-travelers put it best when he said “Arizona is a place where food goes to die.” Now I am sure there are plenty of decent eats in that state, but we didn’t cross their path and I’ve been working on rectifying the horrors with some home cooked awesome ever since. So more on the … Continue reading

                    This is no Time to Cook…and Yet…I Do. Just Minimally.

                    This week’s Food52 contest is Your Best Mint. I was not overjoyed at this ingredient considering all we have growing, mysteriously, is chocolate mint which I have yet to find any application for. I was going to sit this one out, but of course that fragrant ingredient kept coming back to me and once I decided to pair it with pork I knew I’d be making something related for dinner. My many ideas were this: Some variety of fragrant, tiny pork and dried shrimp meatball on a stick that you dip first in a sweet, spicy mint sauce and then … Continue reading