A Genius Recipe Found, A Challenging New Diet on the Horizon

I was browsing some recipes on Food52 this morning over coffee and was reminded of Le Bec Fin’s Genius Balsamic Fried Eggs. They looked great and I had no choice but to get up and make them right then and there. It took all of 5 minutes total and was delicious. The balsamic turns a little syrupy and melds wonderfully with the butter (reminding me of the balsamic brown butter dressing I love to make). I poured the egg and sauce onto some toasted rosemary sourdough and topped it all with fresh tarragon and a sprinkle of grated parmesan. Now … Continue reading

    Add These to Anything

    We had invited ourselves over to a friend and neighbor’s house in order to extract some sage advice. Naturally we offered to bring an edible and I settled on a healthy and oomphy salad. As I went about my day the phrase “honey roasted carrots” swirled in my head for no particular reason. I had a couple bunches of kale, a small handful of arugula. some chicken thighs, way too much milk and about 2 cups of buttermilk as well as, handily, a bunch of carrots. So I settled on a piled up salad with a kale and greens base, … Continue reading

      Itty Bits of Meat, Day One

      If you hadn’t noticed, I moved Meatless March to a later summer date when my garden will be plentiful (I dare you hail!) and vegetarian cooking is sparkling with the raw, the ripe and the rainbow colored. It did not hurt that we also took possession of 25 pounds of happy-running, grass fed beef lovingly raised by my husband’s step family and lovingly slaughtered and packaged by his grandfather’s processing company. Irish Grove Farms and Eickman’s Processing Co. are both in Illinois and as my husband’s father and stepmother were stopping through Denver on a road trip, we convinced them … Continue reading

        The Rocky Mile High Road to Spring

        March in Denver is a tease. Though our winters can vary between bitter and snowy cold to milder, sunny days, the landscape is still one of bare trees and browned grasses. Seeing the first bulbs pop from the hard soil and the buds appear on the lilacs make me giddy though I try to remind myself that we still have at least two and sometimes three (!) more months of possible blizzards. I worry for the new growth that will struggle under the weight of the next heavy, wet snow. But then the first real summery warm winds make an … Continue reading

          Mushroom Broth with Smoked Eggplant Dumplings

          Years ago I had a bowl of dreamy soup at Aqua in San Francisco. It was a lightly-hued lobster broth with eggplant dumplings, peas and tiny, perfectly round carrots. While I don’t remember exactly what the eggplant flavorings were, I do remember that the earthiness of the filling paired so nicely with the slightly sweet broth and I am pretty sure I made happy noises through that entire bowl. I have often wanted to try to recreate that dish, or at least make something similar. And in looking through the vegetable bin I opted for a mushroom broth which I … Continue reading

            A Surprising Pairing (Pearing?)

            I get about seven or eight food magazines—the arrival of which fills me with glee. If I can’t miraculously find a few moments to myself to enjoy them on a weekend or week night I shamelessly shut myself in the bathroom for what might seem an alarming amount of time just so I can flip through the latest one. And I have had a method for years for devouring them. First I flip through front to back browsing recipes and articles marking pages for anything (recipe, travel story, product) that catches my interest. Then I will go back to the … Continue reading

              Broccoli Snout to Tail

              Earlier this summer I set about making a tomato water and bacon chawan mushi. The first time I tried it, the egg curdled a bit and I set about trying to figure out what happened. Enter Ideas in Food, a cooking blog ¬†blending science, technique and some inventive ideas. Browsing the archives I found this article¬†on using brussels sprouts stalks like bones, scooping out the tender marrow within. I knew instantly I’d be trying this with my broccoli stalks come summer’s end. And here we are. WIth only a few tiny florets left here and there, it seemed time to … Continue reading

                Spicy Corn Salad

                One of my favorite recipes for sweet summer corn is a cold, gingered corn soup with a sesame, chili drizzle. All the flavors pair so well and I figured it would be equally good as a side dish. I’ve had a real see-saw of luck on my corn this year. Some ears are beautiful and some are toothless wonders, but most taste pretty darn good. My recent harvest, for example: Sighs and alases, I cut the corn from the cobs, grabbed a couple chilis that could be thin, wimpy jalapenos, or possibly some other red chili (since my three year … Continue reading

                  The Only Drizzle You Need

                  Nutty … … salty … … sweet … … puckery … … aromatic . Deep … … complex … …tongue-coating … … satiny. Asparagus … … green beans … … roasted brussels … … grilled chicken … … fried cheese … … rib-eye. The… … only … … drizzle … … you … … need. Orange, soy, brown butter dressing 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon aged balsamic vinegar 1 orange, zested, juiced Melt butter over medium heat until just beginning to brown. If you have any doubts, remove from heat once it starts to smell … Continue reading

                    Summer on Toast

                    Avocado is one of my very favorite things to slather on toast. Topped with a warm tomato yanked off the vine, a sprinkle of salt and a grind or two of fresh pepper, it is a perfect, quick and easy summer breakfast or snack. I will not pretend that it could not be improved with a side of bacon…but I’m working with what I have on hand and I’m not disappointed.