Sweet and Savory Breakfast Treat

Breakfast during the week for me lately has either been slow cooked oatmeal or toast with avocado or a nut butter of sorts on top. But come weekend I give myself free reign to enjoy eggy creations, salty meats, or sweet treats. Or, perhaps, it is a concoction involving all three and then some. The latest incarnation was everything a perfect breakfast should be: savory, sweet, fluffy, crunchy, bready, meaty and completely off-the-cuff. I was at the tail end of some sprouted wheat bread that I thought tasted good but had a really odd, almost spongy texture. I have been … Continue reading

    Pork and Sweet Potato: No Better Pairing

    As the end of the day was nearing I realized there was nothing for dinner besides cheese and crackers, some tubes of strawberry yoghurt and the pile of giant zucchini mocking me from the counter. I had a half hour before I had to pick up my daughter and wanted to at least have something started so I opened the freezer. The very first thing I saw was some frozen smoked tea pork. I could eat the stuff five times a week but my husband was a little over it the last time I served it, like, five times in … Continue reading

      Leftovers Worth Fighting For

      When I was growing up my mom kept a container in the fridge labeled “Hog Casings” in which she kept safe any leftovers she thought my dad might hoard for himself. It’s funny now to think that her method was clever survival, resourcefulness and self-preservation while my dad’s was greed, gluttony or sneakiness. Sometimes he would shamelessly claim certain praised items while shunning the things the rest of us were forced to eat. Heck, he might even cheers us, oblivious, while happily smacking his lips after the last bite of a coveted morsel. So I certainly don’t blame my mom … Continue reading

        Stoner Waffle Dinner

        It’s no secret my was fond of fancy, electronic gadgets. He’d pore through the likes of Williams Sonoma, various restaurant supply catalogs, that weird Vermont one that had union suits, bag balm and old fashioned candy and fill out the order sheet. Often when a package arrived on the stoop he’d have forgotten his midnight purchase until, peanuts and packing tape piles later he’d coo with glee at a new industrial juicer, ice cream machine or seltzer shooter. One such item, new and fancy in its day was a Belgium waffle maker which I inherited and used a fair amount. … Continue reading

          My Grilled Chicken Standby

          Years ago my sister’s neighbor introduced me to Yoshida chicken. This was when I first became aware of Costco and the marvels that hid within. And this marvel was a giant tub of sticky sweet soy sauce that you boiled some chicken in, then threw on the grill. Unlike lots of other grilled chicken I had had that barely had time to marinate or were just dried out breasts, this had flavor throughout and the leftovers were wonderful. Throughout the years I purchased many giant tubs of yoshida to simmer chicken, mix into mayo for a dip or sandwich spread, … Continue reading

            Twice Baked Sweet Potato

            Ever-helpful, my mom just gave me a pile of veggie-centric recipes torn out of various magazines to help in my quest. One of them showed a gorgeous twice baked sweet potato piped in perfect florets. I decided we’d have some version of that, minus the fancy piping because I ended up throwing away the last of our pastry bags recently. Having used them for a good many years, their time was up. Plus I had frozen a big wad of cream cheese frosting in one and I was not up for the cleaning challenge. I stabbed and microwaved two sweet … Continue reading

              A Slow Start to This March

              I have to admit I have not really been very prepared to tackle this meatless month. I had no real ideas, inspirations, much time or motivation. But lucky for us, we did have a variety of vegetables to choose from, so I got the party started and Ryan finished it. These collaborations are often the best if you are able to kill your initial visions because you set the stage for the meal and then it just arrives in front of you complete. I had prepped some broccoli, roasted some tiny shiitakes (soy, sesame oil, mirin, garlic), cut and seeded … Continue reading

                Crèpes: Just Another Vehicle for Clearing out the Fridge

                I’ve been steadily working on slimming down the pantry and freezer and as part of that took an inventory of all the tiny, leaking, and often unmarked baggies of flours, grains, seeds and legumes. When I saw the buckwheat flour I knew I would be making crepes so I put it aside and went to investigate the fridge and freezer. Another thing I am working on as I eat down pantry and freezer is to try to only add better, new versions of these staples. So last week when I was making this organic wild rice blend, I made triple … Continue reading