All Hail Tiny Lacquered Birds

The first thing I thought walking into Vietnam Grill was that it looked exactly like Lao Wang Noodle House and I felt briefly alarmed that it was and what that might mean for my life and soup dumplings. The thing I noticed once we had been seated, beveraged and menued was how quiet it was. It was only 6:45, but the restaurant was 2/3 full and every person at every table was consumed with eating the food in front of them. The third thing I noticed after I became painfully aware of how loud our pretty calm conversation seemed in … Continue reading

    Austin Descending

    It is no secret that Austin is a city like no other. A network made up of little “finds” artistic, musical, fashionable or edible, it is a veritable treasure hunt. Each time I visit I discover yet another wonder I wish I could take home with me, most of them food-related. First it was the crispy chicken and avocado wraps from Mighty Cone which I recreated with fair success. Next I modified it for a contest featuring your best avocado. Then a stoner’s dream come true was born out of inspiration from the Chi’lantro food truck. And I’m not the … Continue reading