A Pile of Greens

Food52 recently had a contest for your best recipes using hearty greens. I had a bazillion ideas, but less free time than ever and a promise to myself to do a better job with priorities. I did, however, have kale and spinach and I do have to eat and feed my family so a few recipes got through. The results of the contest are not yet published, so I will type with crossed fingers. And regardless, these are just good recipes that will continue to be in my repertoire. This first recipe is a silky, umami-rich condiment made with spinach, … Continue reading

    Pickled, toasty, herby obsession

    In my third week of eating along the lines of the VB6 (vegan before 6) meal plan I hit a happy stride with an Ottelenghi-esque salad. A friend had long been trying to get me to try it and I finally had most of the ingredients to give it a go. Here is his original recipe which I read only after attempting to recreate what I had remembered from reading the recipe before. I started by simmering some red onions, carrots and jalapeƱo in cider vinegar (he used white, no sugar and only marinated), sugar and salt which I then … Continue reading

      Add These to Anything

      We had invited ourselves over to a friend and neighbor’s house in order to extract some sage advice. Naturally we offered to bring an edible and I settled on a healthy and oomphy salad. As I went about my day the phrase “honey roasted carrots” swirled in my head for no particular reason. I had a couple bunches of kale, a small handful of arugula. some chicken thighs, way too much milk and about 2 cups of buttermilk as well as, handily, a bunch of carrots. So I settled on a piled up salad with a kale and greens base, … Continue reading

        Dreaming of Delicata

        In general I am a big fan of sweet, earthy, wonderful winter squash. But most pale in comparison to the amazing delicata. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s easy to cook, has a wonderful creamy texture and rich flavor. And, you can eat the skin. Skin you can actually enjoy unlike other skins you are supposed to eat and like but wish your mom would remove for you prior to desecrating your plate with its offensive leatherness. And so when I saw some perfectly formed delicata yesterday I knew they’d become dinner. Enlisting the help of … Continue reading

          Deviled Tea Eggs

          Because I seem to thrive on making too many plans involving cooking and cleaning at any one time, I decided to have some friends over for “heavy snacks” and drinks the day before a blow-out French Laundry-inspired New Year’s Eve dinner. Naturally I thought simple, tasty, little effort. And, for me, I think I succeeded. Because I am still finishing details for the afore-mentioned NYE meal, I will just give the basics on a couple dishes from yesterday. It all pulled from my go to dishes, paired wonderfully and made for a really fine evening. First up were the deviled … Continue reading

            Got Any Gwapes?

            There is a joke my friend told me in college which has become a part of our family lexicon. Here it goes. I hope it’s still funny: A duck waddles into a bar and takes a seat on a barstool. The bartender asks what he can get him. “Got any gwapes?” “No. We don’t have any grapes.” The duck hops off the barstool and leaves. The next day, the duck comes back and hops back up on the stool. Again the bartender asks what he’d like. “Got any gwapes?” “No. I told you yesterday. We don’t have any grapes.” The … Continue reading

              A Surprising Pairing (Pearing?)

              I get about seven or eight food magazines—the arrival of which fills me with glee. If I can’t miraculously find a few moments to myself to enjoy them on a weekend or week night I shamelessly shut myself in the bathroom for what might seem an alarming amount of time just so I can flip through the latest one. And I have had a method for years for devouring them. First I flip through front to back browsing recipes and articles marking pages for anything (recipe, travel story, product) that catches my interest. Then I will go back to the … Continue reading

                The Only Drizzle You Need

                Nutty … … salty … … sweet … … puckery … … aromatic . Deep … … complex … …tongue-coating … … satiny. Asparagus … … green beans … … roasted brussels … … grilled chicken … … fried cheese … … rib-eye. The… … only … … drizzle … … you … … need. Orange, soy, brown butter dressing 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon aged balsamic vinegar 1 orange, zested, juiced Melt butter over medium heat until just beginning to brown. If you have any doubts, remove from heat once it starts to smell … Continue reading

                  BLT Salmon Salad with Herbed Dressing

                  It seems to be the season for little kid birthday parties which lately means early lunches of hot dogs, cupcakes and ice cream. And this might seem alarming if today’s party didn’t feature Denver’s famous Biker Jim himself serving up elk, venison, veal and pheasant hot dogs followed by tiny, luscious chocolate and hazelnut ice cream cones from Little Man Ice Cream. Not too shabby for a three year old’s shin dig. Nonetheless, I was needing dinner to involve something green, raw and crunchy and settled on a blt salmon salad. Ok, so it has bacon and crispy salmon skin, … Continue reading

                    A Rainy Summer Feast and the Road to Retribution

                    We recently got back from a road trip to Arizona. Typical road trip eating aside, I have to say most of our meals out (save one awesome smoked pork and coleslaw sandwich in the fabulously strange town of Jerome) were dreadful. I believe one of our co-travelers put it best when he said “Arizona is a place where food goes to die.” Now I am sure there are plenty of decent eats in that state, but we didn’t cross their path and I’ve been working on rectifying the horrors with some home cooked awesome ever since. So more on the … Continue reading