Caramel Tofu Banh Mi

I’m well into my second week of the VB6 plan, minus a couple days falling off the horse (and rolling down a spikey hill into some traffic). I started the week with another big grocery shop for piles of veggies, tofu and some grains and nuts and a list of recipes and meal ideas. On the first day I made a coconut saucy mix of zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, corn and peanuts which I served on the farro/quinoa mixture I had frozen the week before. I was so glad to find that because I would have resorted to making a … Continue reading

    A Genius Recipe Found, A Challenging New Diet on the Horizon

    I was browsing some recipes on Food52 this morning over coffee and was reminded of Le Bec Fin’s Genius Balsamic Fried Eggs. They looked great and I had no choice but to get up and make them right then and there. It took all of 5 minutes total and was delicious. The balsamic turns a little syrupy and melds wonderfully with the butter (reminding me of the balsamic brown butter dressing I love to make). I poured the egg and sauce onto some toasted rosemary sourdough and topped it all with fresh tarragon and a sprinkle of grated parmesan. Now … Continue reading

      Summer on Toast

      Avocado is one of my very favorite things to slather on toast. Topped with a warm tomato yanked off the vine, a sprinkle of salt and a grind or two of fresh pepper, it is a perfect, quick and easy summer breakfast or snack. I will not pretend that it could not be improved with a side of bacon…but I’m working with what I have on hand and I’m not disappointed.

        A British Pub Twist

        We were invited to a friend’s house last week to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This was exciting as we have no television at our house and I was looking forward to seeing commercials for all the shows and products most other people were aware of. It was also nerve wracking as it was a costume party and we had to come as our favorite Olympian. Not only did I not have any random sporty soccer type outfits, but I was damned if I was going to show up in a swimsuit or leotard. And so, naturally, I … Continue reading

          An Ode to the Mighty Chicken Cone

          For years I had been under the impression that one did not cook avocados. Rumor had it they would turn bitter and thus I had never tried “avocado fries” and avoided putting avocado directly on any hot food. We did once covet a deep fried eel and avocado roll at a wonderful subterranean sushi bar in San Francisco. But only the outside was crispy and hot while the rice was warm and the inside stayed a prefect room temperature. And then I read a recipe in Food & Wine for a Hot-and-Crunchy Chicken Cone from the Mighty Cone food truck … Continue reading

            Thai Sausage Banh Mi

            A couple months ago I made a big vat of thai sausage, and just pulled out the last batch from the freezer. As we had carrots, cilantro, cucumber and jalapenos I instantly thought of Banh Mi and decided to get a baguette and some daikon. The first time we served the sausage we had cold, sweet corn soup on the side and the flavors went so well together that I started thinking I might have to serve little corn soup shooters with the sandwich. That didn’t seem quite right, but I was pretty sure I needed sweet corn in some … Continue reading

              Lunch for Dinner, or, Salmon BST

              My husband has been crazy busy lately which is good for business, but can get tiring for me coming up with dinner every night. Occasionally I end up just pulling together some kind of glop that I know I can be happy with because it’s easy, quick and uses all the little remnants in the fridge. And while Ryan is happy to have a hot meal to dig into at 10pm (or whenever he makes it home) I’m sure the various “veggie gnarl with egg on top” dishes are his least favorite to come home to. Though last week I … Continue reading

                Openface Pizza-Style Sandwiches

                Even though I work at home, lunches can be challenging for me. It seems like it would be a welcome break, but often I realize I am starving at 2 pm, having sat at my desk for hours in the middle of a project. For a while I had an alarm on my computer that would say, really loudly, GET UP AND MOVE. And I would. I’d fill my water, go empty half the dishwasher, make a nice lunch and so on. It worked really well until my free trial ended and I didn’t bother finding another program. And so … Continue reading

                  Decadent Cheese Sauce Take 2

                  The day after we had the lentils with gooey, crispy, frenchified garlic cheese bread, I still had a huge bowl of the gooey cheese sauce left. I packed half of it in a bowl to take to my mom’s so we wouldn’t eat it all, then set off to the store for some ham and butter lettuce. When I got to the deli, there was a sign saying Friday 5 Dollar Ham Event. My special day! It sounded downright festive, but turned out to just be that black forest ham was only $5/lb. I figured that would be as good … Continue reading