A Week of Soup, Day 3 (and the last day of soup week apparently)

On this day I had grand plans for a vichyssoise. A cold, creamy potato leak soup that I’d top with radishes and chives. I had yet to come up with the accompanying meal when Ryan called to say we had been invited over for dinner at a friends. So naturally I offered to bring a vat of soup and set about cooking it. I cut up about 6 leeks, finely slicing a fair amount of the white parts, then reserving 3″ chuncks of the pale to medium green. I threw the slices into a pot with olive oil and butter … Continue reading

    A Week of Soup, Day 2

    All day long I considered the cantaloupe. It was going to be the star player in a soup that night and never having made cantaloupe soup before I was weighing my options. Prosciutto or pancetta seemed like natural pairings in some sort of crispy state, though I didn’t have any so I’d have to buy it if I went that direction. I thought about smoked paprika, shrimp, maybe even a cotija sprinkle. On the way home I stopped to get some pancetta and decided I’d grill some giant shrimp and have them lounging on the edge of the soup bowl. … Continue reading

      A Week of Soup, Day 1

      With an usual amount of social activities last week (thanks to my high school reunion…no really, thanks) I had a ton of uneaten veggies in the fridge from our weekly basket. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, corn, radishes, potatoes….all crying to become soup. Cold soup. And so I started with the cucumbers. I peeled and chopped three cucumbers, adding them to a blender with half a jalapeno, a bunch of lime juice, some greek yoghurt, some chicken broth and garlic chives. I let it sit for a while to develop flavors and pondered the rest of the veggies. Although corn soup has been … Continue reading

        Meatball Soup with Summer Squash Noodles

        Here is yet another partially mysterious meal. I know that the soup included savory meatballs made with ground pork, water chestnuts, shallots, ginger, swiss chard, garlic and soy. The broth was a homemade chicken stock spiked with more ginger. The noodles were simply julienned zucchini and yellow squash and the whole mess floated about with some spinach and broccoli. It was soulful and cooling on an August night the same way it is in ridiculously hot climates where eating hot soup doesn’t make sense…but does. The springrolls, though, are a bit of a mystery. I remember liking them a lot. … Continue reading