Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Tonight’s dinner inspiration came early. I was making french toast for breakfast and when I reached into the pantry to get some vanilla I saw a small jar filled with a mixture of toasted and crushed szechuan peppercorns and salt. It’s a Chinese condiment my parents used to use to dip grilled meats into and my mom came over not long ago to use our cast iron pan and make a batch. I had yet to use it and just seeing it there did me in. Whatever we ate tonight would involve the contents of that jar. I had not … Continue reading

    Weird but Good and I’d Do it Again

    Sometimes I stare at the recent delivery of items from the weekly veggie basket and have no immediate ideas. On such occasions I usually throw a few ingredients at Google and see what happens. This time around I think I just did “turnip radish” and the very first recipe I found happened to be from David Chang. Considering he is responsible for my favorite brussels sprouts recipe EVER, I decided to make his recipe exactly no questions asked. Supposedly it is a “play on Korean sweet-and-sour pork” but using shiitakes and radishes and turnips. The root veggies are browned then … Continue reading