A Surprising Pairing (Pearing?)

I get about seven or eight food magazines—the arrival of which fills me with glee. If I can’t miraculously find a few moments to myself to enjoy them on a weekend or week night I shamelessly shut myself in the bathroom for what might seem an alarming amount of time just so I can flip through the latest one. And I have had a method for years for devouring them. First I flip through front to back browsing recipes and articles marking pages for anything (recipe, travel story, product) that catches my interest. Then I will go back to the … Continue reading

    An Accidentally Vegan Dinner

    Our new (and first official) garden is finally starting to produce edibles on a daily basis. Yesterday I harvested a zucchini the size of my head (or “soft baby” as my daughter would point out) and wanted to do something different from the usual for us. Usual being salt “cooked” noodles topped or tossed with a protein, a saucy whiz of some sort and some other vegetables. This was a big sucker and I figured it would be plenty to form a base of a meal for the three of us. It is too hot for zucchini bread or fritters … Continue reading

      My Artichoke Stew Recipe is a Food52 Finalist!

      Not long ago I mentioned I’d become mildly obsessed with the Food52 contests. Not only was it exciting to be chosen as a community pick for my salmon with egg noodles, but the topics have been inspiring and have definitely made me a better cook. The Food52 community is supportive and encouraging and have given me a ton of great ideas. The latest contest, Your Best Dish with Meat as Flavoring was just silly. I entered four dishes and had great hopes for my tomato water chawan mushi. But today, while I was grocery shopping, I got several emails saying … Continue reading

        The Mighty Artichoke Gives it Up

        Spring brings us the early, earthy hints of green goodness that mark the beginning of the summer garden. Sweet peas, funky favas, luscious artichokes and piles of herbs are such welcome tastes after a winter of roots and stews. So funny, then, that what I wanted from this early bounty was a stew. Vignarola, specifically. A famous Roman dish that welcomes spring. One I have never had the pleasure of eating in its rightful place, but have cooked with what I consider success. So I will continue in my blissful ignorance until the day I get to ┬átaste the OG … Continue reading

          Smoky Cheese Addiction : Part 1

          While I certainly love to splurge on cheese at the local Truffle cheese shop, I often make due with the increasingly interesting offerings at Safeway and the forever weird King Soopers. A few days ago I picked up some smoked blue cheese that looked interesting. I usually steer clear of too much stinky, funky cheese since Ryan is not a fan. But my dad taught me early on that sometimes it is ok to buy a tub of caviar for the whole family and a tub of caviar just for yourself so occasionally I support just my stinky cheese habit. … Continue reading