Sake Glazed Salmon with Garlic Chive Egg Noodles

I just revisited these noodles for the scallion contest. It was a no-brainer to use them in place of the garlic chives from before. I modified the ratio slightly, but they are still as tasty as ever. For lunch I will be eating them with kabocha turkey burgers from last night…which might sound weird, but they were great: ground turkey, roasted kabocha, pickled ginger, garlic, shallot, soy, sherry, leftover scallion oil from these noodles… These egg noodles are great for spring. Eat them as is because they are so tasty or top them with grilled fish or chicken, toss them … Continue reading

    A Pile of Greens

    Food52 recently had a contest for your best recipes using hearty greens. I had a bazillion ideas, but less free time than ever and a promise to myself to do a better job with priorities. I did, however, have kale and spinach and I do have to eat and feed my family so a few recipes got through. The results of the contest are not yet published, so I will type with crossed fingers. And regardless, these are just good recipes that will continue to be in my repertoire. This first recipe is a silky, umami-rich condiment made with spinach, … Continue reading

      Discovering VB6 and It’s Polar Opposite in the Same Month is … Cruel

      So I am reaching the end of week two of VB6, or Vegan Before 6 pm for all you newcomers. Aside from a couple crazy hiccups ranging from an oven thermometer bursting into flames and smoking out huge platters of roasting kabocha and cauliflower to a flat tire at Whole Foods to some plain and simple vegan ennui, I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. As hoped, my creative brain churning has kicked up a notch and I’ve been able to imagine and assemble all sorts of meals of healthy persuasion. My life, in general, feels more mindful and I’ve gone … Continue reading

        Itty Bits of Meat, Day Two

        Waiting somewhere in limbo for my husband’s delayed flight I searched the fridge and freezer for a meal that would meet the goal of easy, tasty, non meat-centric. I also saw a good opportunity to use up several small bits of leftovers. Cooked rice, one piece of breaded chicken, a carrot, the last frozen hockey puck of shredded zucchini from our garden, a couple eggs, mirin, soy, dashi. What I really wanted (green onions, oyster sauce) I had used up so I made do with what I had. I thawed the zucchini while I grated the carrot. Both were sautéed … Continue reading

          Sushi Tazu: a Sensory Tug-of-War

          Not all trends fit all types and sizes. While you can sport pieces from the latest fashion mags (fur-lined flip flops anyone?), it doesn’t mean you should. In fact, the true strength of character might be sticking to what is traditional and good. And a recent visit to Sushi Tazu, once a solid standby, proved that just because everyone else is squishing into skinny jeans doesn’t mean you have to as well. Despite my coastal friend’s disbelief that you can get good sushi in Denver, we do get high quality fish flown into this land-locked city. That said, “fresh Denver … Continue reading

            Getting Better at the Simple and Soulful

            Despite the fact that I love a complex, swanky meal and can twist my brain in knots dreaming them up, I have long aspired to a simpler life. Meals involving minimal ingredients, prep, equipment, time, money. I recognize that my simple is different from a lot of people’s simple, but it’s all relative, isn’t it? And lately I have achieved some true simplicity in dishes that have surpassed my expectations in flavor, ease and overall satisfaction. So I am creating a new category to house these gems so that I can browse them occasionally and bring myself back from the … Continue reading

              Sweet Potato Fries with Smokey Tea Pork and Shiitake Mayo

              During the Olympics, Food52 had a contest asking for our best pub food. Thinking back to college and the alarming things we ate at two in the morning, I recalled the gooey baskets of waffle fries topped with bacon, sour cream, cheese and ketchup. They came out crispy and hot and slowly sogged out a bit as you got to the end. I’m sure I had fitful sleeps cured by sleeping in until 10 or 11 and a metabolism to save me from a Senior 70. As I pondered those crispy, gooey baskets my thoughts turned to a more grownup, … Continue reading

                Pork and Sweet Potato: No Better Pairing

                As the end of the day was nearing I realized there was nothing for dinner besides cheese and crackers, some tubes of strawberry yoghurt and the pile of giant zucchini mocking me from the counter. I had a half hour before I had to pick up my daughter and wanted to at least have something started so I opened the freezer. The very first thing I saw was some frozen smoked tea pork. I could eat the stuff five times a week but my husband was a little over it the last time I served it, like, five times in … Continue reading

                  Spicy Corn Salad

                  One of my favorite recipes for sweet summer corn is a cold, gingered corn soup with a sesame, chili drizzle. All the flavors pair so well and I figured it would be equally good as a side dish. I’ve had a real see-saw of luck on my corn this year. Some ears are beautiful and some are toothless wonders, but most taste pretty darn good. My recent harvest, for example: Sighs and alases, I cut the corn from the cobs, grabbed a couple chilis that could be thin, wimpy jalapenos, or possibly some other red chili (since my three year … Continue reading

                    My Grilled Chicken Standby

                    Years ago my sister’s neighbor introduced me to Yoshida chicken. This was when I first became aware of Costco and the marvels that hid within. And this marvel was a giant tub of sticky sweet soy sauce that you boiled some chicken in, then threw on the grill. Unlike lots of other grilled chicken I had had that barely had time to marinate or were just dried out breasts, this had flavor throughout and the leftovers were wonderful. Throughout the years I purchased many giant tubs of yoshida to simmer chicken, mix into mayo for a dip or sandwich spread, … Continue reading