Tomato Bacon Egg Custard…A Work in Progress

I am used to having the planning of a meal consume my brain for the better part of a day…or days. But this might be the first time I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea as clear as day. This is starting to look a lot more like how my dad ate through life, but decades earlier. It might only be a matter of time before I am actually getting out of bed and trying to concoct said vision at 3 a.m. Lucky for me, I tucked it away, fell back asleep and did not … Continue reading

    It Sucks When You Give Someone Lobster and They Make You Cook it and Eat It

    So, we gave my mom some giant lobster tails and a pile of frozen shallot/mirin/crab love butter to poach them in as a birthday gift. And somehow, tonight, we ended up being invited to her house to cook it….and eat it. Sweet! We came armed with some frozen clam broth we made a couple weeks ago in a separate seafood orgy, some mushrooms, asparagus, a bacon vinaigrette (separate story to come) and a couple bottles of wine to just say thanks for all the beers she offers us when we stop by to visit. We got some shallots and mushrooms … Continue reading

      Nine Years of Marriage Deserves a Mighty Feast

      Yesterday was our anniversary. Often this means we’re headed out to a swanky restaurant. But lately (or I should say this whole year), Ryan has been crazy busy building some fabulous pieces for his clients. His dad came out for a week to help out and has already been put to work painting at the shop, putting up tile in the bathroom and fixing things around the house. So it seemed fitting that we all celebrate at home together. At the last meeting of WAS-SOUP, a group of mom’s who make and swap soups for their kid’s lunches but really … Continue reading

        Pork and Collard-Stuffed Kabocha

        I love kabocha squash. Love love love love love. It has a fabulously sweet and rich flavor and makes the creamiest soup possible. Usually I will slice it into moons, brown it in oil, then simmer briefly in a smokey, dashi broth. But this go around I decided to stuff it with the ground pork I had. And, not knowing what to do with the collard greens that had arrived in our weekly veggie basket, I threw them in too. I briefly marinated the ground pork with a touch of soy, some sherry, garlic and chili flakes. I then browned … Continue reading

          A Very Japanese Fourth of July

          I don’t even remember what we did on the 4th this year, but looking at the photo for that meal, I’m assuming I cooked a lot and then maybe went to bed in a salty-induced coma. I do recall that I had been embarking on making my own, home-made tofu. For the first step I had soaked the soy beans, ground them and strained them to make the soy milk. I then heated it slowly until a skin formed on the top and carefully lifted it off and onto a plate. It is like a very delicate noodle and that … Continue reading