Austin Descending

It is no secret that Austin is a city like no other. A network made up of little “finds” artistic, musical, fashionable or edible, it is a veritable treasure hunt. Each time I visit I discover yet another wonder I wish I could take home with me, most of them food-related. First it was the crispy chicken and avocado wraps from Mighty Cone which I recreated with fair success. Next I modified it for a contest featuring your best avocado. Then a stoner’s dream come true was born out of inspiration from the Chi’lantro food truck. And I’m not the … Continue reading

    There is Probably Always Room for Another Taco

    I did not plan to head out for tacos for lunch today. In fact, I was sitting at my desk trying really hard not to eat the awesome ribs I made yesterday since they were supposed to be for dinner. And as I tried hard NOT to think about the sticky, sweet, chai glaze on those ribs, Eater reminded me that a new taco place opened just down the road. And because the owner hails from Austin, this taco place sells MIGAS! I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can say that word without yelling it. That’s … Continue reading

      Getting Better at the Simple and Soulful

      Despite the fact that I love a complex, swanky meal and can twist my brain in knots dreaming them up, I have long aspired to a simpler life. Meals involving minimal ingredients, prep, equipment, time, money. I recognize that my simple is different from a lot of people’s simple, but it’s all relative, isn’t it? And lately I have achieved some true simplicity in dishes that have surpassed my expectations in flavor, ease and overall satisfaction. So I am creating a new category to house these gems so that I can browse them occasionally and bring myself back from the … Continue reading

        A Tease in the Weather Prompts Mole

        I brought home a pile of chicken leg/thigh situations as I am wont to do and these suckers said MOLE! I think I heard them only because after days of heat (both at home and on a journey through Arizona and Utah) we had Noah-escent rains and, dare I say, almost chilly breeze. The idea of running the stove and oven for a good couple hours was not so off-putting…especially with a rich, chili-chocolatey pile of love at the end of my day. And so I rummaged through the pantry and verified that the ingredients could make the rough equivalent … Continue reading

          Another Attempt at Simplicity Gone Wrong

          There are certain dishes that are traditionally made by a pile of family members thus turning the making into as much an event as the eating. Labor intensive, but satisfying, the many hands, conversation and comaraderie intensify the pleasure of serving and eating these dishes with friends and family. I know this and yet I continue to plan meals around these bundles of things stuffed in things with multiple sauces and sides. Sometimes I can get into a meditative rhythm, the repetitive stuffing, forming, wrapping a calming series of tasks. But most of the time I am hurried, with several … Continue reading

            Lazy Girl Tacos al Pastor

            Last year I tackled what I hoped to be the most authentic tacos al pastor I could make without a vertical rotisserie. It was a complete pain in the butt but turned out great. And when I found myself with a pile of pineapple and some smoked pork this weekend, I decided to try a quicker version. I knew from the start that the smoked pork would not quite match the crispy, grilled bits achieved on the grill, but hoped it would still be good. I decided to simmer the pork in a modified version of the marinade I used … Continue reading

              Some Darn Good, Pain in the Butt Tacos

              I’ve really tried lately to simplify things in hopes of keeping my head above water long enough to make strides in this crazy chaos of life. Naturally, cooking is an area that can spare some serious minutes. I tend to start mulling over dinner ideas early in the day pondering either what we have on hand and how I can turn it into something fabulously edible, or, I am daydreaming about the random idea to strike my fancy. Both scenarios can end up swallowing up my whole day and night and leave us eating dinner at 10pm with a pile … Continue reading


                Now that the weather is getting nicer…. Wait, let me start again. Now that we had a brief, sweet taste of early summer warmth, promises of al fresco dining, bare feet getting rough and toughened for hot pavement and many shoeless months, our minds are stuck on the long tomato wait, bountiful herbs and the return of lunch or brunch at Pinche Tacos. I say brief because these last couple weeks have been nothing but one Noah-sized storm after another, drenching us, freezing us and making any sort of out door fun impossible. I did, however, manage to slurp down … Continue reading