A Culinary Milestone

This recipe is a huge milestone for me. HUGE! For most of my life I have hated beets. As far as I was concerned they were the vegetable kingdom’s embodiment of pure evil. Flowery dirt that I could pick out even as coloring agents in smoothies. And despite this beet loathing, I dutifully tried them year after year. Once at a dinner party, I arrived at the table horrified to see a plate of beets at every seat. They were roasted and crispy with rosemary, cracked pepper and salt and if I was going to like a beet, that would … Continue reading

    Discovering VB6 and It’s Polar Opposite in the Same Month is … Cruel

    So I am reaching the end of week two of VB6, or Vegan Before 6 pm for all you newcomers. Aside from a couple crazy hiccups ranging from an oven thermometer bursting into flames and smoking out huge platters of roasting kabocha and cauliflower to a flat tire at Whole Foods to some plain and simple vegan ennui, I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. As hoped, my creative brain churning has kicked up a notch and I’ve been able to imagine and assemble all sorts of meals of healthy persuasion. My life, in general, feels more mindful and I’ve gone … Continue reading

      Only I Can Catch an Oven Thermometer on Fire

      So I was in my stride today. Happy that I could embrace good vegetable dishes, enjoy them, not completely let the house fall apart and exercise more. I even ate caramelized tofu banh mi for dinner last night instead of feasting on some meat. This afternoon the plan was to take a picnic to the Botanic Gardens and I was roasting some cauliflower and kabocha to add to some wheat berries with kale and toasted almonds. I intended to pick up some proteinish thing to put on top of it. Now one thing about being married to a man with … Continue reading

        Heatwave Survival Tip (no.1)

        Just when I was enjoying a belated and perfect spring, Denver cranked up the heat and reminded me what summer has been like these last few years. Thankfully our 1907 house with the two layers of brick with an air gap for insulation is just barely starting to warm up so I’m not yet working in my underwear. But leaving the house smacks you right in the face with a wall of thick, HOT. And don’t even start with the “but it’s DRY heat.” Because that is just as irritating as the “but we NEED the moisture” was during our … Continue reading

          Edible Snow

          Last week I was on a bit of a kick making flavored, frozen things to crumble on top of other things. The change in weather required this not only in the abrupt increase in temperature, but in the change of mood. Late spring cold and slush gave way to warm blue skies and a frenzy of outdoor activity, lifted moods and many people just a bit too pink come Monday. Reveling in the happy humors I wanted whimsy. Flavorful, easy and new. Edible snow it was. The first dish had been percolating a bit since I last made some spiced … Continue reading

            Make Time to See A Place at the Table

            Sometimes being intensely uncomfortable is good for you. In fact, we should all make a point of experiencing something clammy, awkward, alarming, sad or maddening every so often. Rather than that standard reminder about how there are those less fortunate while in the middle of complaining about our first world problems, I say remind me when I’m feeling good and capable. Not when I’m down and want to spend a small moment feeling sorry for myself. That way I might just have the gumption to get up and do something to affect change rather than feel bad about it and … Continue reading

              Zucchini “Udon” with Momofuku-style Slow Roasted Pork and Poached Egg

              Do not be fooled. I like noodles and pastas of all varieties. Not as much as my husband who will kiss the ground I walk on any time I serve pasta for dinner, but I like them. Especially hand-made, fresh, toothy noodles in almost any Asiany sauce or soup. But I also love making noodles out of vegetables and will toss them in creamy, cheesy sauces, coat them in sticky sweet glazes or stir them into soups. I am also a big fan of pork and anything cooked with a dashi broth. And so for the Food52 Best noodle soup … Continue reading

                A Thanksgiving Twist

                Fond, Yukon Cornelius, sweet potatoes, macerate, brine, not-so-interesting-parade, washing 600 glasses and crispy fall walks. In general, this about sums up Thanksgiving weekend for me. And this year was not much different, though it did involve maybe a few more creative cocktails and some Asian influences where the bird and accoutrements were concerned. And, as one of my favorite holidays, I did do some reflecting on holidays past. I recalled my college semester in Paris where my friends and I sourced and cooked a pretty big (gluttonous) feast for some mildly amused (alarmed?) French hosts. It was really hard to … Continue reading

                  Fried Shrimp Batons

                  We moved back to Denver shortly before our wedding in 2002. Having been a chef and caterer respectively and self-declared food snobs coming from San Francisco, we were a bit worried about finding a good caterer. Denver had been improving in the food scene but we were still disappointed after several interviews with caterers who lacked imagination and had never heard of sriracha. We finally settled on someone who would let us provide the recipes and some guidance. Since the beef short ribs they had cooked for our tasting were flavorless and about as tender as mouthful of rubber bands, … Continue reading

                    A Dance Critique Posing as a Food Blog

                    It should be noted that my understanding of the art of dance is philistine at best. One might question why, then, I have the chutzpah to even try to critique a performance of a medium I know little to nothing about. Finally, it would also be noted that this is a food blog and not a blog about any old thing that suits my fancy. And yet I am driven to share my experience of the magical collaboration between Paper Bird and Ballet Nouveau that is “Carry On.” Not only because it was so stimulating and good, but because it … Continue reading